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  1. Not sure if this is where to post this but.....not only did I find the original factory build sheet (attached) but in an old Manila envelope I found news paper pages with car show adds....1938 and 1939 (attached). I'm pretty stoked right now!
  2. Thank you! I'm already at Auto Zone...lol
  3. I've seen a conversion chart online and it stated converting the 7.60x15 gives me a modern 275/55R15. I guess I'll find out tmrw when I go there to get them on lol.
  4. My name is Tony, retired Marine after 22 years and new owner of a beautiful 53 Buick Special. I'm not a car guru or overly mechanically inclined so hopefully everyone is ready for an obnoxious amount of questions..lol
  5. I found it in the glove box. I'll get on there in a few and plug away with "about us" info....
  6. She runs like a champ! I was told the last owner never let her stay outside overnight in 20 years, he bought from a friend who did the same. I couldn't fill the surface area of 12x12 with the amount of surface rust, back seat looks great...front seat not so much. I think I found the original registration...or I can way off lol..attached photo. And thanks for the warm reception!
  7. How's it going everybody? I'm Tony and the proud new owner of a 53 Buick Special. And I've already got a series of questions..lol.
  8. I post in there as well, thank you all for the help.
  9. New here, first post and of course it's a question.. i'm pretty sure this has probably been asked. I just bought a 53 Special, in my opinion in amazing condition. The total amount of rust wouldn't fit the area of a12"x12" tile, never spent a night out doors in 40 years, runs great! I just need a new set of tires due to a bit of dry rot. But I can't find any info on the tires themselves...size, width etc....any insight??
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