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  1. Hello, I am possibly getting ready to purchase a 1950 Chrysler Windsor sedan and understand that it probably has a Prestomatic transmission. I understand that they were pretty bulletproof, but how are they for towing a light trailer. I have a little teardrop that weighs in at 1700 lbs and I would be driving mostly in the western NC mountains. Does anymone know if this is doable?
  2. Well, I think I have the heater hose conundrum squared away. I've taken a few pictures for anyone trying to figure it out as well. I also found a heater tube in my box of tricks that I had forgotten. Kinda makes sense now. Hope this helps!
  3. It looks like the first one. It kind of gives me an idea where the one off the pump goes. Thanks for the info!
  4. Hello; can anybody tell me the correct way to route my heater hoses. Mine has the 195 ohv and i've tried 3 different ways. While all allow the heater to work, none look correct. I have found nothing on the web that helps. Thanks.
  5. Can anybody tell me the correct way to route the heater hoses on my 195? I've routed three different ways and nothing looks right! Help please. Thanks.
  6. Hello, anyone know of any good swap meets that are fixing to happen in the North Ga. Area or western N.C. area. That last good meet I went to was the Webster swap meet in central Fl. I am getting geared up to go the Carlsle meet in P.A. hoping to find Rambler parts. So far, no one in this area seems to have anything AMC/Rambler related.
  7. Hello, if anyone out there is trying to locate a fuel tank for their american. I found that a 65 mustang tank will work nicely with minor mods to the trunk filler neck hole. And it looks good. I looked everywhere for a tank that wasn't rotted out, to no avail and finally bought the mustang tank on ebay,cheap and it works great! Actually increased my fuel capacity as well. You will also have to rework your exhaust pipe a little and use a narrower muffler. My car will never be a show car or trailer queen, but if your building a driver like I am, this is one possible solution.
  8. Hello, my name is Nate and I am looking for the side trim and sail panel emblems for a 65 440H coupe. Any chance you might have any of it?
  9. Hello, I am trying to find the side trim and sail panel emblems for my 65 american 440h. The previous owner threw everything away when he had a bad repaint done years ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I am looking for the side trim and sale panel emblems for a 65 american 440h coupe. Any chance you might have any of it?
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