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  1. Excellent. Would love to have it rehomed to a suitable tender. Cousin is mashing his calculator to see what he can do for us. Thanks
  2. Although- I probably have a barrel (this is a winery..) and a rocking chair if those are deal makers
  3. My understanding is this is the “late 1924” style with the tall formal grill rather than the early style with the rounded one like the Clampetts drove
  4. I should’ve had you guys help write my ad.. Yes, bring the wife and enjoy some wine tasting and when she reaches the proper BAC level, let her know you’re buying another old car! —- Come check out the car and you will get to see an actual working winery and I’d be more than happy to give you a tasting. Find a bottle you like and I’ll work it into the purchase 🤓
  5. Not certain about Hershey this year— but my cousin runs an auto transport operation, he’d get it to you much sooner than that. (Anywhere else in North America too).
  6. I agree- it is a great deal. I know the market is limited and figured a knockout price would sell it quickly. Thanks for helping spread the word. I can add pics of the engine. It’s a flathead inline 6 cylinder.
  7. Sorry, I thought it was on there. Central Washington state— Yakima Valley
  8. Sorry it’s dark (and crowded) in my shop for pics
  9. Very clean and straight car. Super dry/never rusted High Desert car. All panels and present not dented. Chassis has had amateur restoration, engine gone though and nearly ready to fire up. Has the optional/upgrade steel disc wheels. Top bows are present for patterns. I have a good title for 4 door Oldsmobile $3500
  10. Yes they are— I’ll send you a pm with my number. Thanks Greg
  11. Here’s the car those gears were cut for. Pop’s pride and joy. A lot of time spent (especially remaking the wood structure that the body skin attached to) in this car.
  12. But I do still have the brass framed folding seats. Someone suggested they are from the teens? Send me a PM if interested. This site doesn’t always get notifications through to me. Thanks
  13. Been a bit— hi speed gears went on eBay today