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  1. What a great journey you’ve taken us on Gary- down the throwback memory lanes of travel years gone by, in real time. Thanks for the incredible ride brother! What an amazing transformation! Drive her well and driver her often... “Get’cher motor runnin’, head out on the highway...” KRW
  2. Another Beauty! Thanks Gar... Remember the "Electric Banana?" '71 Super Beetle in Canary Yellow with no heat? But, it had headers... that was important. To pop wheelies...
  3. Gary, absolutely, beautifully, fantastically gorgeous!! What a lesson in restoration education for all to see... best comment was the better than when it rolled out of the factory reference! Truth!! PS- A buddy of mine who's following along said this... "That Buick is Gangster!! Does he have a Tommy gun to go with it! HA!" I loved somewhere in this "thread" (more like an encyclopedia) where somebody said to another member, there's a picture in section "X page 63..." For most mortal folks....no. Keep it up brother...!! Hey- do you still h
  4. #2... Amazing work brother... It's very possible, this could be the most interesting and most educational Automotive blog in the world! The attention to painstaking detail is amazing. Must say too, you have lots of good folks following here and they obviously appreciate the hard work and level of dedication you bring to the project. If they could have only seen the how it started...with dad's old Lionel trains 50 years ago, they would understand even better!! Great job Gary... as usual.
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