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  1. Yeah, clutch already started to feel a bit funky so its parked until I fix it. Good times. Thanks for the reply
  2. Hey all, My 46 Continental has a substantial oil leak coming from the small hole in pan where there is a cotter pin hanging from. Any suggestions? I'm thinking its the rope gasket and dreading pulling the pan. I'll follow up with pics later today
  3. Im just going off of what the hood release handle says. Super.
  4. Hi all, I have a 1942 4 door Buick Super rolling chassis for sale/part. Motor and trans are out due to me wanting to use in another project. Includes both bumpers, grill, a few boxes of misc trim, and a bunch of odds and ends. Im not well versed with these cars in general and looking for advice and/or offers. Car is fairly solid, rear seat floor has some rust, rockers as well. All big panels are solid and dent free. Interior has been gutted but the seat frames and springs remain. Im a bit at the mercy of a buyer because I can't find too much info as to what it's worth. Im not 100% attached to
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