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  1. Yes I found the video. I will try to contact him. Thanks for the info and all the help. If there is anyone else out there with some suggestions and help please send me note. Thanks
  2. I will attempt to attach pictures. Failed first go at. The ENGINE: it is a single cylinder, two stroke, and would classify it to be a buggy. The only two strokes I am familiar with are chainsaws and dirt bikes from my early days so this will be interesting. If photo doesn't work out it has the artillery wheels and has the sickle or tiller steering. I have googled for photos but the detailedness I need is not there and I really need the up and closeness. You mention that a car was purchased in Phoenix! This puts a cloud on me as when my in-laws were researching this car they went to a mus
  3. jdome, Thanks for the reply and effort to look. I have already contacted the Massillon Museum where they have a 1907 that was restored 40 years ago and the person that headed the project is still on the board. My reply from him was I hope you enjoy your project, and that was it! Mandy is was very helpful to a point but couldn't provide any information that was of help. She did show excitement and enthusiasm where the other guy was... I'll leave it at that. Mandy said she thought there was pictures that she hope to have on the website sometime in the future. The museum is only a couple tho
  4. From wiki states The Forest City Motor Company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1905 and by the end of the year, the company had relocated to 114 Walnut Street in Massillon and had shortened the name of their automobile from Jewell to Jewel. Then During 1909, the name of the firm was changed to the Jewel Motor Car Company. Then again later on it changed to Croxton-Keeton. Same car for the early years but if it is different I really would like the specifics. What I have is a rolling chassis but needs a lot of info. Pictures, detailed pictures to see what is missing and what the missing look
  5. Help needed. Anyone on this forum or someone else that can provide information on a 1906 Jewel would GREATLY be appreciated.
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