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  1. I own 207612. It is Jet Black, Black, Black and is a V6 car. The brakes have been converted and I am looking into doing a 5 speed manual swap. An suggestions Hemi?
  2. Yup, turned out to be bad tires. I did do an alignment after installing new tires. Everything good now. Thank you, John
  3. Thank you aka Xtrempickup. The only problem is it didn't wobble before I installed the new parts. I will check out that intermediate axle bearing though.
  4. I have a 91TC V6 Auto Trans that I have been rebuilding the front end on. Installed new struts, lower control arms, axle bearings etc but ran into a problem with the CV joints & half shafts. I checked with various parts suppliers including Rock Auto. They all show an axle shaft for the Passenger side being significantly longer than the Drivers side. The problem is on my car both axles are about the same (shorter) size. I was advised by the parts distributers to use 2 of the drivers side axles but on intalling them found the front end to wobble when driving. Remember, everything else on the front end is new. Please Help. John
  5. This is very helpful information for me. I would say my next step is to hunt down all the parts I will need. Thank you, John 91 TC 3.0 Auto 90 Miata 1.6 5Sp.
  6. MazingHL, Thank you for your quick response. Thank you, John 91 TC 3.0 Auto
  7. I am having shifting problems (limp mode) with my 91 TC auto trans 3.0 engine. After reading about the problematic A-604 transmission and considering I prefer a standard transmission I would like to swap out the auto trans for a 5 speed standard shift. I have read the article by Hemi Andersen's but his project was on an 89 4 cyl model. My question is can this be done on a 6 cyl TC and what transmission should I use? Thank You, John 91 TC 3.0 Auto.
  8. Thank you Marty, I'll be out of town for the next week or so. I don't want to order any parts while I am gone. If I don't find it in my travels I'll get back to you when I return. Thanks again, John 91 TC 3.0
  9. I recently acquired a 91 TC. It was missing a passenger side windshield wiper arm. Is there a common part number for this part.My mechanic called his supplier and was told that part was not available. Otherwise does someone have one to sell. Thank you, John 91 TC V6
  10. Thank you for your replies. I did what I should of done in the first place.I did a search on this forum for service manuals and learned that the red covered manuals applied to my TC. I went to E-bay and found what I was looking for. I will also save a link to rockauto.com for future reference. Thank you, John
  11. Where would be the best place to find an original factory service manual for sale for a 1991 TC with 3.0 engine?
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