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  1. Working on a 29 Fargo with bad water pump. How do I remove the pully? is the pin just driven out? Is it tapered so will only go one way? Can I get a new bearing and does it have a replacable race? Advice please. Don
  2. Just a follow up note. I was able to purchase a Delco Remy 714F Starter from a 1929 Pontiac. It just needed a good clean up to get it to run, I had to remove the starter switch which was not needed on the old DeSoto engine. I just soldered a copper bolt to the starters input to fasten the cable to. It fit up fine and is now in use. Thanks for the tips. Don
  3. If you happen to get your parts book handy, I would appreciate that number and I will put a search into Ebay as well. Thanks in advance richasco.
  4. This gives me some leads to at least find the differences. Yes mine is a Model SBH type 6534 Ser. 329. I have tried a few later Dodge units but the "snout" where the bendix is too short and will not reach the flywheel gear. I will have to see how hard these DR units are to find and try for trial without actually buying them. No problem buying if I KNOW it will fit. As stated before I would even convert the rest of the vehicle to 12 volt if one of those were found to fit. Thanks for the leads and keep me posted with new info. Don
  5. I found it. That whole back section is pot metal and broken. It is an early Northeast starter with no center bearing which was supposed to prevent that from happening. Still will accept any replacment starter for the First DeSoto silverdome six.
  6. HOW do I post a picture? Looked over a half hour at headers on the forum and no method to explain.
  7. I need to know if anyone can suggest a replacment starter for me. Mine has broken rear plate, bent shaft, scored communtator. It is an early North Electric without center bearing so really need to replace rather than rebuild. Dealing with a 1929 or '30 DeSoto K engine. 174.9 Cu. in. Silverdome 6. Is there any auto or tractor that could be made to fit? Would even consider going to 12 volt if necessary. It is in a '29 Fargo Clipper. Thanks for any suggestions. Don
  8. Restoring a 1929 FARGO Clipper. The radiator has a honeycomb core, which we already spent over 100 dollars at local shop and still will not cool and has leaks. They say core is rotton and they can't recore. Does anyone know where I could look into a shop to recore this or replace it. I believe it may be a 1929 DeSoto unit as the engine and most other parts on this Fargo are DeSoto. Engine is silverdome 6 cyl. My customer would accept a standard finned core if a honeycomb is out of the question. TIA for any advice. Don
  9. Found this orphaned bezel for an unknown vehicle. Any help here. measures 3 1/4 X 5" http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii51/TUBADON/Tail%20Light%20Bezel%20from%20what_zpsvedykyee.jpg
  10. Thanks John, Presently I am waiting on a reply from a member in California that has remaid that part. If that falls thru, I may turn one out on my lathe myself. I doesn't look to be that hard. Anyway, I appreciate your offer on the tranny and will contact you if needed. Don
  11. Thanks for responding. The Fargo was Chryslers 2 year endevour to enter the small truck field before he purchasd Dodge. It was a multi-purpose commercial vehicle like a van with 6 roll down windows and removable seats with double doors in the rear. Could be used for delivery, passenger-school bus ect. It used the very early model K DeSoto engine and tranny with many more DeSoto parts. A smaller version called the Packet used The Plymouth 4 engine. Anyway. The broken part is the front bearing retainer. Seems they were different than any I have been able to locate and am considering making one from scratch. Here is a couple pictures of the broken one. And two with measurements. If you can't see them, I will attach to an E-Mail which should make clearer. Thanks again and hope you can help. Don
  12. This has been a long time ago but now I need the same one for my 1929 Fargo which uses same tranny and engine. Anybody seeing this and can help would appreciate. Looks like mine was pot metal and didn't survive the time lord Don
  13. Yes. I can get more measurements tomorrow afternoon. I know the snout is 1.5" diameter. It was pot metal and had swelled in size so after sitting 40 years pushing the clutch broke it.
  14. Hate to steal the thread but I have same tranny in a 1929 Fargo Clipper (has DeSoto engine). My bearing retainer has broken off inside the throwout sleeve and I need to find a replacment retainer. ANY help appreciated. Don tubadon40@aol.com
  15. I will try to post links to my photobucket account with these pictures. http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii51/TUBADON/Cars/Lamps-1_zpswdmlvjec-1.jpg http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii51/TUBADON/Cars/Lamps-1_zpswdmlvjec-1.jpg http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii51/TUBADON/Cars/Lamps10_zps86slg04h.jpg http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii51/TUBADON/Cars/Lamps-2_zps5bffx7ox.jpg Hope this works.
  16. Newbie here so bear with. I recently aquired a pair of early headlamps which I would like to know what vehicle they belonged to. I would guess they would be close to CIRCA 1915. They are yolk mounted Guide shells with a single filliment tipped electric bulb. They are sporting strange waterfall design Warner-Patterson LenZ's. The yolks have two holes which could be for bolts to mount to a flat surface. I will attempt to post a picture or two here. Iowa Don
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