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  1. Thank you. It must have been interesting for flappers in those pencil skirts.
  2. Can anyone tell me (tried a Google search to no avail) how one get's into a rumble seat? Is there a step or pad on the rear fender to help or do you climb in from behind the seats in the enclosed part of the car?
  3. At least the Radiator Mascot. Incredible machine, spotless in every regard.
  4. This was a rare sight at last year's Concours. A Nash with the Green Ribbon.
  5. For me this represents a high point of art deco automotive styling. The vertical chrome stripes under the headlamps are a classic touch. http://
  6. Not as old but this one has a vivid quality that brings out the colors. It is also on my website in a different version in the Machines gallery.
  7. Keiser, Thank you. That is the look I am striving for - 1930's transportation posters - art deco.
  8. Dusty, Thank you. That is one of my favorites as it looks vintage, sort of art deco.
  9. Thank you Peter. That is an interesting historical fact and I have changed the title of the post to correctly reflect that these are Radiator Mascots, not hood ornaments.
  10. Here are some artistic renderings of a recent Concours. Also included are a few vivid shots. The art deco look of the highly modified images have the look of a poster. Which one is better?
  11. Here are some hood ornaments in my Machines gallery