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  1. Need a swet up 5/8" Heim Joint with at least 2" thread for Mustang 2 front end. Or information on who manufactures Heim joints.
  2. Any idea where I can get 5/8" Heim Joints with at least a 2" thread? Who manufactures Heim Joints? Need them for 1951 Shoebox woodie. Dan Perry
  3. Looking for steering wheels & ashtray for the dash. Reply with contact info or call Dan Perry 256-282-6029
  4. Where can I find this material for 51 Shoebox Woody? It must be common but I can't seem to locate it.
  5. Just found the serial number on my 51 Shoebox. Is there a code for the paint color within the serial number? Can't find a clear answer within the literature I have.
  6. I'm in the process of building a 51 Shoebox. Being from Alabama, woodie events are few and far between so I've made two trips to California shows in hunt of vendors and advice. Everyone has been more than helpful. Best advice has been on wood-graining. My dash looks truly outstanding. Currently my tailgate, lift gate, and a few misc parts are ready in Los Angeles. (You can't get the quality of work in my area.) I sent one piece of original wood so the wood-graining could be matched as close as possible. We shipped the parts to LA on a private semi truck which I have access of using.
  7. Thanks to all. Thought someone might have an idea of just a ball park figure. I'll talk to Jaime.... he's doing some graining work for me right now.
  8. Can someone tell me the average cost for a new wood kit to fit a 51 Ford & a 51 Mercury? Assuming we can use none of the original wood. I know kits come unfinished....and that's ok. We can do the finishing. Have a few decisions to make.
  9. I'm in the process of building a 51 Shoebox. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on air conditioning kit? Car has 351 Ford engine. Saw a couple of neat installations at a Wavecrest. Are they Vintage Air or what make? Open to suggestions.
  10. Can anyone tell me the corect color of this headliner? !951 Ford Shoebox. Thought is was called tobacco but not what LeBarron Bonney calls tobacco.
  11. Thanks I've got an order in with shoebox-cental right now on some other parts. (that visor won't fit a wagon) We're planning on attending Wavecrest so i'll pick up a lot of info there. the Fulton is the one I think I want. Thanks for the information. what woodie do you have??
  12. Thanks ... i've searched ebay. did not know the brand name. Hard to find Woodie info when you live in Alabama
  13. I'm looking for a source for an exterior sun visor for a 1951 Ford Shoebox. In the process of a restoration. Seen a 100 of them on cars. Where do you buy one??
  14. Looking for windshield trim for my Woody. Does anyone know of 51 coupe trim will fit??
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