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  1. That is a great and helpfull answer. Thanks a lot.
  2. Good morning, Back from a long time ago… I own a Buick Special Riviera 1953 (45R) and I would like to change my wiring harness. I am lost with the different products names found on Cars Inc. http://www.oldbuickparts.com/index.php?cPath=35_39_238_244 I see “1953 Buick Special Dash/Eng Harness Auto” (model WH5340DEHA à 950 $) and “1953 Buick Special Dash/Eng Harness Std” (model WH5340DEH @1 011.60 $). What is the difference between “Auto” and “standard”? Is it related with the gearbox (some being manual and some being automatic)? I thought all Buick 1953
  3. Rétromobile show in Paris this week : Some news from the Talbot Lago 1948 sold for 1,9M$ last year… And a new record: 32.055.200 € (taxes included) for this Ferrari I also found this Buick 1953 Woody. I asked for the price: 140.000 €. That sounds unbelievable for me. Would that be the price in the US? I understand that only 670 were produced.
  4. Hi forum friends. I am back. 2015 has not been the best year for me. Hope 2016 will provide me much more Buick pleasures and opportunities. I also wish it for you. One of my good resolution for 2016, will be to repair my roof (or better said: to have it repaired by a professional). You may remember that a few months ago, my garage door unfortunately and unexpectedly slammed on my roof. The guy from the body shop told me it could be dangerous to try to repair the car without removing the windshield. That idea sounded reasonable to me. But he is not expert in American cars and I would
  5. Hi Bob, I am myself fighting with my own trunk, and will follow this thread with big interest. Alain
  6. Just wanted to make a tour yesterday evening
  7. Indeed, really nice picture. Already spring in Germany or old pic from last year ? I personally want more...
  8. i don't know why... but I really love your car :cool:
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