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  1. I have been reading posts on swapping the 248 for the 263 and I am wondering if the anyone has experience putting a Dynaflow into a '37 Special? Also is the crank on the engine with a Dynaflow adaptable to the '37 flywheel? Any other problems other than motor mount switch, manifold switch etc. that might cause problems. I am assuming from what I have already read the dimensions of the 263 will be the same as the 248. Thanks for any help.
  2. The steering position sensor is under the dash. The steering column passes through it. It is part of the variable rate power steering system and will cause jittery steering when it goes bad. They are a common repair part BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT CAUSE A STALL. I pass this along only as a possibility. The most common stalling problem I have seen on this platform is the torque converter lock up solenoid failing which makes it impossible to shift out of park without stalling. Will the car stall if you are sitting and running at a high idle? Does it stall dead out? Will it immediately restart after repositioning the wheel? Have the fuel lines been worked on and mispositioned near a steering arm? This is about all I can think of but will be interested to know what you find.
  3. Did the car have any odd steering problems when it was on the road? If so you may have a bad steering position sensor. I have never seen one cause a stall but they are a troublesome part and will not throw a code.
  4. If it's a single wire spring clamp you can try to put a little more tension on it in a vise, just don't go to the point of making it oval. I always used #2 non hardening Permatex on coolant connections with no problems. If the leak is at the heater core check for a misshaped connector first. If the hose is hard it needs to be replaced.
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