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  1. Hi, Thanks for reply on A/C parts , but I will have to pass on this one. Thanks Bruce.
  2. Hi, I would be interested in the A/C / heater dash controls . Could you give me a price please. Thanks Bruce.
  3. Hi, I am currently putting back together this Buick that I dismantled 20 + years ago ---Good things take time! Luckily I bagged every nut bolt etc and labelled where they were from. This was all before these new smart digital cameras. However come to assemble front suspension and I am not sure if there is a left and right knuckle support--they look the same but I am hoping someone can help. I dont have a parts book to check on part numbers. Hopefully they are identical as I have already assembled them. Thanks Bruce (NZ)
  4. Hi , Thanks for your reply to my A/C problems. A friend has made some tests and thinks he can sort it. However I am not holding my breath, so will keep your reply just in case. Thanks again. Bruce.
  5. Hi from a New Zealand petrolhead, I recently purchased this car and did 4000m in USA and then shipped it to NZ. I had the A/C recharged in USA and all worked well. However now none of the heater/ A/C control buttons work. It is heating at 75f with low blower speed continually! Fuses are all OK. Has anybody any suggestions? Failing that I may have to import a workshop manual, ( or perhaps somebody may be kind enough to scan and email me some relevant pages from a manual). Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Regards Bruce.
  6. Does anybody know the gloss level for black inner fenders? Also is the starter black or Buick green? Generator distributor and power steering pump all black? How about fan blades, mine are silver but may have been black? Thanks Bruce( New Zealand).
  7. Joe, Back again and the part supplier does not believe me. They say that my Sportwagon could have been modified!!! They also say they have sold 100+ of these rear drums and have had no fitment problems for this vehicle (64 Sportwagon). I looked on Ebay for pronto BD8839 drums and 4 other suppliers say they will not fit. I will keep on the case because sometimes the buyer is right! I would like to get copies of factory Buick part #s for front and rear drums. Any suggestions? Also Sportwagon shop manual would probably list drum sizes, if I can find someone with one. Hope I am not annoying you with these messages. Bruce.
  8. Joe, Thanks for your reply--I was 99% sure they were 2.5in front and rear, but needed confirmation. Reason being I purchased drums from a well known parts supplier,shipped them to New Zealand, and found they were only 2.0in. I have been in contact with them and in 2 emails from them they keep saying Pronto BD8839 drums fit rear 64 Buick sportwagon. And they are still listed in their catalog. Seeing they were said to fit rear I assumed they would fit front as well, so I bought 4!!!! Hopefully I will get a refund even though it is outside their 30 day return policy, and then purchase 4 correct ones, which I think are AC DELCO 18B452. Regards and thanks, Bruce. PS I have 2 Sportwagons and a number of other BUICKS , DeSOTO etc.
  9. Has anybody got access to a Sportwagon manual that gives width of the rear brake shoes? Mine has 2.5in ,but did some come with 2.0in shoes. I know the Skylark has 2.0in . Thanks Bruce.
  10. Alan , Is this car still for sale or not. I have had no replies, am still interested and may trade a low mileage later model Chrysler in very good condition. PLEASE REPLY. Thanks Bruce.
  11. Hi, Alan, I asked some time ago if this car had a title, and I would like some photos of all rust problems. Floors, underside of doors fenders etc. Please reply .Thanks Bruce.
  12. Hi, Could you load some photos of the rust areas please ? Also does it have a title? Thanks.
  13. Very tidy car, 70,000 miles, all extras and a/c recharged. Car is in CA, Was asking $3800 , now asking reasonable offers or trade for 1962 Cadillac body parts, 64 Buick sportwagon roof rack,1956 Plymouth SW body shell,or other interesting project. More info phone 760-938-2146.
  14. Tidy vehicle,app 70000 miles, Reliable , white with blue interior. Power windows and seats,A/C recharged. Owner (NZ) no further use. Future collector car? Asking $3800.00, but open to offers, and possible trade( with cash up or down) 50s -60s car or 62 cadillac parts or what have you?. Vehicle is in Big Pine Ca. Ph 760-9382146.
  15. The money aspect does not worry me too much ,but I have tried the seller for a refund. The main purpose of my thread was to highlight this sellers shortcomings! Sure I was dissapointed but it would have been much worse if I had arrived in LA and found I had an unusable vehicle The repairs dont worry me too much,parts are cheap and I can do all the work myself. However I did not need another project! I have 3or 4 going at the moment.All in all I am happy with the wagon ,it will be nice when finished. Bruce.
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