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  1. Guys 8 years on from my first post came to a dead end some time ago on this but a COVID-19 lockdown has brought me back to this. Anybody who can add anything to the much welcomed help above would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Many thanks. Your input was much appreciated.
  3. Been a year or so since I brought this back to the surface in case anyone can help? Thanks guys.
  4. Bringing this back to the top on the offchance someone is passing.
  5. Just giving this thread a bump. Have come to a dead end trying to get some information through researching the license plate. Anyone got any thoughts or any UK members have done asimilar seach? Thanks guys.
  6. Look forward to the photos Simon. I have a thread trying to identify a similar vintage UK vehicle which may also be a 1932 series 50. Anyway, good luck with yours.
  7. Yes that's right. I asked a local car club here in the UK and the gentleman there must have come to this site with it. Very keen to find out more about all in the picture but mostly about RG2646. Thanks again for all help.
  8. Hi Guys I'm in the UK and trying to identify the series type of what I understand is a Buick in the attached picture (2nd from left license plate RG2646). It belonged to my late grandfather (he died in Normandy, WW2) and was first registered in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1932. That is all I know. Particularly interested to find out what the script is on the radiotor above the license plate - any ideas? Ultimate aim is to find out what happened to this car which was sold on in 1944. Thanks guys. Dave
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