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  1. What is your experience with rechroming parts, the other member said it's easy to tell when something has to be rechromed and that you can lose detail easily. I'm assuming he meant like the lines engraved into the rams horns on the hood ornament.
  2. Hey, do you have any pictures of the restored heater? Even a writeup explanation of it would be great.
  3. Would anyone say it's possible to restore the originals? I was thinking maybe some kind of solder?
  4. I think it will be, on a related note, does anyone have any tips for the metal restoration around the headlights and the hood ornament? They are both pretty badly pitted.
  5. Time for some pictures, just got it to its temporary home for the next couple months. The cracks you see in the windshield were when the car was parked on the street in the 60's some kids shot it with a BB gun.
  6. Really? Well we should make our own section! To be fair though, the 38 dodge is beautiful.
  7. HAH, thanks for the vote of confidence. On a serious note though, do you have specific years for interchangeable parts?
  8. I agree, those are the two better looking years in my opinion.
  9. Jeez, he's really light on the 1940 Dodge. Does that model year have another make/model that it's interchangeable with for parts? Mechanical and/or Trim and accessories?
  10. Yeah I saw the distinction between Dodge Brothers and Dodge, so I knew there might be some people here who would have one.
  11. Thanks for the info, anybody else have any recommendations?
  12. Hello Everybody, This is my first post to the forum and I will be restoring a 1940 Dodge Deluxe, I believe it is a D-14, and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with resources for it. Mainly I'd like to know if anyone has restored a dash on one of these before. Or get in contact with anyone else that has restored similarly this model car. I've attached a picture of what I'll be working with, thanks for reading this! Jayson
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