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  1. Not in the LA area, they just aren't sought after. I always think of this guy when someone brings up an I-ROC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NidZFl-iius
  2. I would probably say ~1200 depending on how pristine it is. If it's beautiful showroom condition then probably ~2000. Not popular cars at all.
  3. I already have a compression gauge, so that just motivates me all the more to get it running to test it out.
  4. Was able to head up to the valley where my car is being stored right now. Didn't have time to do anything major so I decided just to spin the radiator fan and get it on video this time. You can see that air is flowing through the carb when I spin the fan. This should mean that there is compression in the cylinders right? Edit** learned that it means at least one cylinder is compressing. Only way to be sure is to perform a compression test on all of the cylinders after I get a working starter.
  5. Wow, that's got to be a nice place to just sift through all the different items there.
  6. If nothing else is faulty that you know of, I would second the idea of a short on metal somewhere. I had that happen on a motorcycle once after some work rearranged the wiring so a bundle was sitting on the cylinder wall and promptly melted.
  7. I thought about that before, but I couldn't justify spending the 200 right now for the number of small parts I have that would need the blasting.
  8. Hah, those were the pictures from the guys listing that I bought the car from. He had long since sold the VW when I bought the dodge.
  9. I hear you about being over-zealous. I'm just using a dremel with a wire brush to polish the chrome side. For the inside though i'm trying to get rid of the rust that's all over there.
  10. Alright, just graduated with a BS in elec and comp. engineering tech and have some free time to start working on the car again. Here are some pictures of the hubcap I was restoring and you can see that underneath the rust and corrosion the chrome is still decent. Not as good as I had hoped but still good nonetheless. One thing that excited me was on the back of the hubcap the rust was pretty bad in some spots but after sanding it down I found out that the metal underneath was still pristine you just had to grind down enough to get to it. You can see here:
  11. Sure man, post away. I have a 40 dodge deluxe the non-limo version. Not really a huge following that I can find on this site or any others, but interesting nonetheless. If you think about it, this year and manufacturer are incredibly significant already regardless of numbers made. This was the last year that dodge produced civilian vehicles before they moved strictly to wartime production to support the troops. Pre-WW2 manufacture, not common at all and a piece of history from our greatest period.
  12. Had a chance to swing by the house where the car is staying and took a couple parts back with me to try to clean up. One of which is the 3 hubcaps I have with the car. I wanted to clean off the rust that was inside them using a wirebrush and use a dremel with a polishing brush attached to clean/buff the chrome. You can see what happened from here. The original chrome on them is almost 85% underneath all that calcification or grime or whatever you want to call it. I'll be working on these some more this next weekend and I'll update it with pictures of the results.
  13. That's good to hear, it probably was stored improperly then. I'll have to try Kaisers method for the drums when I get up to the property the car is at now. I had always thought that cars were put on blocks to help protect the tires and rims, that's good to know, thanks for clearing it up.
  14. Hey thanks for all your help keiser. When you say the drum wobble, do you mean the drum flat spot will cause the tripod to wobble?
  15. Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you guys know I have a hobby and that hobby is photoshop. So if you've ever wondered what your (insert here) would look like in a different color. Send me a picture and let me know what you're thinking. Those are some examples of stuff I've done. Like I said, it's fun and I have fun doing it. But I don't claim to be a professional at it.
  16. The last owner had it sitting on the drums for over 30 years, was he in the wrong? I was thinking maybe the metal was firm enough that it wasn't a problem. ** edit, how would I be able to check if there are flat spots on them now? In order to get it on the flatbed we had to hammer the drums to free them up and spray a good amount of WD40 in there, but even after all of that it still was hard to spin the wheel.
  17. I'm not going to be able to work on the car for a couple months at least, what is the best way to put this on blocks? Where should I place them, could i just rest the drum on the block or should I put it somewhere else?
  18. I just got ahold of a tuneup manual for the 1940-48 dodge models. I will post some scans and if anyone wants the full version just let me know. Just on the condition that you never charge anyone for the full scan. Stuff is hard enough to find for these cars, and I don't want to make it any harder for anyone else.
  19. That's a great find, reminds of the Top Gear episode where they try to make their own mockups of something like this.
  20. Some more pictures I was looking for a writeup of restoring it. Looks like it could be straightforward, I just haven't been able to get in there to take a look. Probably wont be able to do anything really until after December, such is life.
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