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  1. hi thanks for all you help from over the pond as i have said i have lost the instruction that were in a club mag so.. i have gone through all the club mags i have only 3 missing one of them has the brake info i need can someone look and email me details from the mag so vol 45 sept /oct 2012 vol 45 nov /dec 2012 vol 46 nov /dec which has the brake info many thanks ady adrian brown
  2. hi thanks for the reply the brakes on the early 36 are strange to say the least nothing like a early ford (i had a 35 v8) one shoe should be of different type of lining to the other and the adjustment is strange also with only one shoe having a snail adjuster as i have said lost the correct instructions that came in a previous club magazine so if you kept mags please can you search for the brake one .... and email it to me adyv12zephyr@hotmail.co.uk the chap i am in contact with has never done lincoln brakes and is keen to see ho
  3. hi its ady again with the brake problem i have misplaced the club magazine with the article about how to adjust early cable brakes can anybody please email the info to me on adyv12zephyr@hotmail.co.uk as i have a new brake man on the job this will the 4th time i had the brakes relined he wants to see the info as it says 2 types of linnings he has a prewar type linning 320 hope someone can help thanks ady
  4. hi my coil went down on way home found pick up block broken on coil anybody got one for sale please let me know adyv12zephyr@hotmail.co.uk ady brown
  5. on way home on sunday heard a ting /bang fan had come loose from crankpully went through rad engine was still running stop car water running out of rad THEN FROM LITTLE HOLE IN BOTTOM OF SUMP OIL POURING OUT DRIPPING ON ROAD I AM OK WITH THE FAN AND RAD WHATS THE OIL LEAK PLEASE ADY BROWN AGAIN ENGLAND
  6. hi have adjusted the shoe as in the instructions from club mag good brake pedal but will not stop car i had a 35 ford with the Dead Stop Brake Energizer Kit brakes were great any sugestions
  7. hi its ady again it turns out that hen my shoes were relined they BENT THEM during the glue presses sorted the bent issue took them back still have poor brakes any more help
  8. hi thanks for the info great help never heard of Shoes need to be arc ground thats the answer many thanks ady
  9. hi i have a 1936 v12 zephyr stock cable brakes right hand drive here in the uk the shoes do not fit the drums? the drums are round 12 inch and are ok (had them checked ) can any body have any ideas ? please see pics thanks ady adyv12zephyr@hotmail.co.uk
  10. hi i am in the uk and my main man is colin spong who most of you will know he is on the case what it is i cannot obtain the correct brake linings for my 36 zephyr had them done now twice second time in a cloth type been back to brake man today thats all he does brake are very bad all cables are new if anybody can help please let me know thanks ady
  11. new old stock brake shoes for a 1936 lincoln zephyr adyv12zephyr@hotmail.co.uk
  12. hi put a message here for why I had low vacuum and low power tried all suggestions then read a note v12 run ok???? on 6 cyls I did not believe it but what have did i to lose to test one bank no spark at all been driving car on 6 cyls only with help from colin spong as the points were burnt out on one side of the dist my god what a difference thanks to all for help
  13. hi I have a stock v12 lincoln inlet manifold with gauge is 10 at idle when revved goes down to 5 this is with the wipers disconnected and the dist disconnected also don't matter which one I take the reading from dist pipe wiper pipe or carb pipe all still 10 is ten a good vacuum can anybody help ady
  14. hi had the box check out all well very low vacuum at inlet manifold only 10 poss fault on manifold ? will disconnect wipers and dist to recheck colin spong here in England said common fault on early maifolds anybody had this trouble thanks ady
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