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  1. I have a 39 dodge two door sedan that cooks the left front headlight bulb frequently. I burn them out in an hour or two of use. When they are used the left one turns yellow with a smokey film inside. Ive gone through 3 bulbs. Any suggestions on what to do to correct this problem?
  2. I have a radio that I bought for mine and never got around to installing it, I paid $300.00 for it and will include the two Knobs I picked up at Iola. Add the postage and I will turn it over to you if you want it. Tim
  3. Look up Floyd Carlstrom he is a WPC member that used to advertise that he makes them and sells Dash Knobs.
  4. Hudsy Wudsy You were the winner in this Dilemma. Your assessment was spot on. Problem solved, I tried your solution first since it was the easiest to replace. I have several additional rubber flex hoses. It now runs smooth and flawlessly. Thank you to all for your excellent guidance.
  5. Yep Those are Chevy tail lights I have the same ones on my 39 d11. I searched for years before I found NOS replacements. They have a terrible time with rusting out. I cant find any inner buckets I am planning on fabricating them when I get to replacing them. Don't be surprised to find them with a $300 too $400.00 price tag.
  6. I soaked Cable with WD 40 that helped. Watch Ebay for a shifter bushing repair kit. They were offered back in the day. The kit consists of about 6 small pieces. Keep it well lubricated when you get it freed up.
  7. Thanks to all of you for all the advice. I think I will try Cben09's suggestion to maybe get a few more miles out of her If that doesn't work, maybe it's time for an electric pump. Jfranklin what are you using for an electric pump and how does that work for you? The little rubber flex hose seems ok. I can see light through it. I have a spare so I'll give that a try too. I will let you all know what works and what didn't.
  8. Stick with the Stromberg BXVIII the auto choke on the stromberg works well and I think you will be happier in the long run.
  9. Hi all, I am having a fuel pump problem and I am looking for a solution. I have a 1939 Dodge D11 2 door sedan with a 218 6 cylinder. I have replaced the tank and fuel lines rebuilt the fuel pump and had it up and running. At first it would run fairly well but at full speed it was starving for fuel until I would back it down a bit. The starvation got worse and now it won't run. It shows about 1 1/2 PSI before the inline filter not enough umph. I pulled the pump and the pump works by hand fine. I put a Dial on the cam lobe and it looks like there is only about .030 lift I am thinking, but not sure, that the lobe is worn out. The car is just a driver and I am looking for an inexpensive fix to get it running for the season. What is your opinion on the problem and solutions too? Thanks for your time and help!
  10. I am looking for 39 Dodge upper inner fender walls. Any possibilities that you have these for sale?
  11. I have a set that I can part with I sent you an email about it. Thanks, Tim
  12. I once Knew of a guy named Floyd Carlstrom who made reproductions of mopar nobs. He was from VERONA WISCONSIN and a member of the WPC club. I dont Have contact info sorry.
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