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  1. looks like it just had a Birthday !! woohoo, shes officially 55 yrs old !! not sure how far Im going to go with it or how long Ill keep it.. but its fun driving around just as is. I may put a set of modern 17x8 or 18" wheels and tires on it for a slight resto mod look. Its easy enough to switch back too. thanks !
  2. the guy who bought my 58 lives in Amarillo Tx ..he bought it off ebay the car was 90% rust free Az car, no one who has ever bought a car off me on ebay in 14 yrs and over 100 cars.. has never been burned. You just are buying from the wrong people I was wondering about some of the chrome on the 60 whether it was stock or not, but I know people where adding stuff from other cars back in the day all the time.
  3. Hi folks i actually pop in from time to time with my project.. I dont keep all my cars that long (due to space requirements and reality of not owning over 6 cars at one time) but recently I sold a 58 Special Riviera 2dr I bought a few months ago. Got it running and back on the road after 15 yrs of being dormant here in the desert, but replaced it with a 60 LaSabre convertible Ive had my eye on for a while !! freshly rebuilt transmission and brake system.. great running motor, 60k original miles...mild rust, mostly a Tucson car since the late 60s. 1 repaint (original color) back in the 70s, gas tanks been flushed, the only thing keeping me from it being road worthy is a leaky water pump. : ) Still needs alot of restoration, but Im hoping to keep this one for a while. sold a few weeks ago on ebay bought this locally here in Tucson not far from my house actually
  4. I have a 62 Special Wagon 4 lug , and looking for a 13" steel wheel If you have one, can you email me with detais price etc.. Im in Az, thanks motorsport_svx@yahoo.com
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