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  1. Thanks Tom I will inspect the center bearing and see its condition. No I'm not familiar with pre ignition or spark knock. Is that something timing related?
  2. ok Ed I tried your lil trick and the left side did lift up a bit. More then the right side. The fan shroud looks un touched so I don't think that is where the sound is coming from. I haven't been able to get under her to check on that mount yet as of my back flaring up. Hopefully tomorrow I can get under her. Thanks for all the replies you guys really know your stuff!
  3. i did check the lines along the frame rails and all clamps look good and tight
  4. I checked the fan and there is plenty of clearance all around the fan.
  5. I've been trying to track down a rattle I've been hearing on my 63 for some time now. It only happens when I'm driving down the road and have the throttle pressed down. When I take my foot off the pedal it stops also when it's in neutral it stops even if I press on the gas. I've looked for anything rattling against anything under the car but haven't found a thing. It almost sounds like something is hitting the fan blades but I see nothing even close to it. The more throttle I give her the more pronounced the sound gets. I know it's kinda hard to diagnose a noise over a computer but any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks a lot! Now that I look at it again it could be a 11B ill have to clean it up a bit. Ok yep those are all the options I have on my car. Plus the rear speaker and tilt wheel. Also I heard there was an option for rear seat door handles my car is equipped with them. Or is that normal for every car?
  7. I was wondering if someone could decode my data plat for me. It reads 113 style 63-4747. FB 8239 trim 728j2. AA acc D 16 N2 SU8
  8. I don't think I have any assist at all. Just a hard pedal. This is my first Rivi I have owned so I don't really know how the brakes are supposed to feel. I've put quite a few miles on the car in the past few weeks and the car stops just fine it just takes a lil leg muscle to do it.
  9. I agree 100% when it comes to steering and brakes I make sure everything is working right. Could the issue be the brake booster?
  10. How do the stock power brakes supposed to feel and operate. I have a feeling my brakes aren't working quite the way they should. When driving I really have to put my foot into it to get the car to stop. The pedal goes about halfway down before I feel it start to work. A few weeks ago I adjusted all the shoes and blead the brakes because I had no pedal and air in the lines. One of the drums was a lil tight but after driving it a few times it worked itself out.
  11. macc

    Keystone Mags

    That's what I was thinking about too. I currently have 14x7 reverse tru spokes on the car now with spacers in the back I'm able to run them. But the keystones have a different back spacing so I'm worried they might not fit
  12. I'm looking at a set of Keystones on craigslist for my 63 right now but wasn't sure if they were going to fit. They are 14x7 with a 2.75 back spacing. Here's a pic of them.
  13. macc

    Track bar?

    Thanks for the replies. I eventually used a hacksaw and was able to cut through the metal sleeve and hammer them out. It was a Lil work but not too bad
  14. macc

    Track bar?

    I bought some new bushings for my track bar the other day now it's time to get them swapped out. I was able to get the track bar unbolted and outta the car without too much of a struggle but I'm having a hell of a time getting the metal sleeve out. Anyone got any tips on getting them out?
  15. macc

    Center console

    Ok cool that's much better if I don't have to take it all the way out. I'll have to get a copy of the body manual the chassis one has been real helpful. Thanks for all the replys.
  16. macc

    Center console

    Thanks exactly what I needed to know. I ordered a carpet kit and was trying to figure out how it came out. I have my Chassis service manual but it didn't have anything about the console in it.
  17. Anyone know how to remove the center console on a 63 Rivi?
  18. Oops yeah its a 63' Ok cool so it is possible to run just the a/c. Thanks guys!!
  19. DOes the A/C system operate seperatly from the heating system or do these two work together? The reason why I ask is I'd like to get my A/C system up and running for this summer if I can. Here in California I dont have much need for a heater and seeing how much of a pain in the butt it is to swap out the heater core I was hopeing they worked independent of eachother.
  20. I know right and what's up with the last pic
  21. Fresh coat of paint and some new shoes!
  22. Got an update? Did you get the seat out?
  23. Has anyone replaced the wire connecting to the float? It's a solid copper wire I'm assuming it needs to be replaced with another solid wire. I tried to do a search but didnt get any results.
  24. I got lucky mine popped off with a screwdriver. Just a lil pressure and pop
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