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  1. Qty.4 Oldsmobile 14" rim Wheel Covers $40.00
  2. Car is under agreement for Sale. I will post others soon, but only one at a time because its hard to manage a lot of activity with my uncle. Thank you all Ben.
  3. Okay relax I have the price out there and I had to discuss it with someone double my age, so cut me some slack as I try to easy my uncle into selling a very larger inventory of vehicles. Ben
  4. 1934 Ford Lincoln V12 Year :1934 Make : Ford Lincoln Model : Series K Price : $29,000 OBO Description : complete in original condition. Location (Phila, PA. USA) Contact Information: You must send me a phone number to call you then we can exchange more info to schedule a visit. This is my posting and my Uncles car. Ben
  5. You can try soldering a new nipple on, I would do that first. The new one has an NPT that will fit into the mounting base off the old one. You will not have any issue with positioning the direction of the valve because of the NPT’s tapered thread and it should work fine with depth clearance etc.
  6. Asking $40.00 OBO. I can e-mail more photos if needed.
  7. I saw this for the first time the other day and I said WTF. This stuff is crap and I would never want a car from them and I am not sure anyone looking for quality would want to touch them with a 1000’ pole. 1950 Olds 88 --- tell me you did not want to jump through the TV and kill them. I know the man who sold his dads Olds, on the show, must be hating himself now… Sick just sick
  8. "I've heard of a couple of desperate souls who took their dirty SJ filter apart, put new filtering media in the shell, and put it back together. Not sure how effective that might be in the long run. I'd be afraid it might suck in air along the crimp." I was that guy and the crimp sucking air is not an issue due to the way I rebuilt mine. I have a post at classic olds that you can read up on.
  9. Thanks all I got what I needed and I will be putting it back together soon.
  10. Thanks and now the Rubber Conduit... I may be at the junk yard this weekend unless its to cold.
  11. I went to a local HVAC shop and they had what I needed. Look into that.