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  1. Sunday I am firing my Sunday I am firing my 33 up and getting it running for the first time in years. I need to fire it up with an external tank what pressure should I run to the carburetor or can I do it with a gravity tank. Help appreciated I already oil the cylinders and did all the fluid changes I'm going to wire the coil Direct
  2. also redying bordaux leather so no fades, same time ill do 3000gt leather seats and add same shade velour in centers(sun gets that sh.. hot) for comfort
  3. triple set on ws post with the leather trimmed around each one and glued back down
  4. What year is that daytona? Ive got some cool stuff for 92-93, body xtras, tail, ...... The computer is interlinked with the charging system, I would hit up HEMI and see if a alt change will screw with things.
  5. The biggest power saver is R F punch capacitor, Ive only installed about half of the system, waiting on the harnesses for my panasonic 7in flip screen, in the mean time using kenwood deck with too much power too use crossover and all three amps. all spks are rockford fosgate componets. and JL audio 10's all hidden except 4 tweeters(2 door, 2back upper) and 2 crossovers(door)
  6. I ran a batt isolator in the wiper area under the plastic, relocated the spare to the trunk, and refitted the compartment for 2nd batt(for system) amp etc. Easier and cheaper than alt change and always have back up. Keep it up, nice to see im not alone in Masi missions. lol
  7. The rear spoiler is Fiero GT, pie cut on each end to make the ends match the body contour. I could have used Lebaron but im trying to get away from that label(look). With a 6g72tt(Stealth of course)5spd in its future the performance will not be mistaken for Lebaron either.
  8. I used 5050 led strip lites with resistors and diodes to drop volts for tail and full volts for brake and turn. Its alot of work but i love the way it looks. always hated dead lens. I will do them for 150.00 plus shipping costs, just send me your lites and youll need a elect. no resistence flasher. Still working on fronts and markers.
  9. Well I have my taillites back on, what ya all think? No wash me jokes please.
  10. Have back corner windows, divider wall, int trim, fr door windows n w wings and rear window regs. Also complete front n rear suspension, rearend, steering, brakes. Thanks