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  1. From Amazon: 36x36x0.062 is $22.50 - virtually the same size as the K-GAP 48x36x0.125 is $49.00 33-005-062-036-036 General Purpose Rubber, 50A Durometer, Smooth Finish, No Backing, 0.062" Thickness, 36" Width, 36" Length, Black 33-005-125-036-048 General Purpose Rubber, 50A Durometer, Smooth Finish, No Backing, 0.125" Thickness, 36" Width, 48" Length, Black
  2. That picture is of the 37"x37" mat. I also have both K-Gaps running board mats with that same logo.
  3. Morning Jon, I ordered up a 36x48x1/8 cheap"o" rubber sheet to begin a template so mistakes are on a $23 cheapo rather a $300+ one of a kind.The K-GAP 37 1/2 square mat measurements are very close to what would fit under the dash. So that's my plan forward. Just ordered the shift boot from WRP. I need to see if I have to "slit" or "square hole" to get the pedals thru. Jack
  4. Now as I was getting close to that point I can install the mat, I measured the rear floor area, 48" from the front seat adjuster to the rear floor rise to the seat cushion. and about 46" wide but tapering toward the front. I'll measure the front floor pan to the adjuster and see if the measurements are close to the mat dimensions.
  5. Oh Wow! Yes I do have the 20'sTriangle Super Six Logo Mat. 37"x37". So Still's answer if referencing the later 32-45 years. Was getting close to making a cut. Thanks Jon for catching the difference! Jack
  6. Thank You! Thank You!!. I was set to just put it in the back, which it was undersized. With you confirming Jon's belief, I have a direction to proceed. Thanks Again! Jack
  7. Hi Jon, Yup an active member of HET and the SuperSix forum. Thanks for the contact info. I posted on the SuperSix forum a couple times but no response. I'm here hoping the Springs and/or the K-Gap people would respond. WRP has not responded as of yet. As I said I was also hoping an owner of said mat would pop up. Jack
  8. Morning Jon, I'll try Wildrick again. Last time I tried them they did not have the running board and this mat's molds, KGap owners still have them. Was hoping one of the Spring family would respond and answer the question. They were involved in, managed,owned Kgap. Tried the Yahoo Hudson Super Six group, no joy. The "cutting" is what I wanted to be sure of. The placement of the mat front/back is a 50/50 guess. Once its cut, a wrong guess would make the $300+ mat worthless. So I was hoping someone in the HET community bought one of these mats. There must have been sufficient demand to invest $$$$$ in the running board and floor mat molds. They were specially made, and probably very pricey.
  9. Years back I bought K-Gaps Super Six logo floor mat before they went out of business. Finally getting to the install point. Did anyone buy this mat, and if so can you tell me your experience. I want to be sure I go about this install correctly as there is just one. I'm guessing its the rear floor mat and not the front floor. If for the front, I would guess the mold they use to make the mat would have had the correctly positioned cut outs for the pedals and gear shift. Just asking to be sure on its placement. Thanks Jack
  10. forjack842

    6 Volt North East Key Coil

    Thanks Dave, I sent him an email requesting copies of B&S-1 and CM-1. I've got Paypal so I look forward to an invoice. Thanks Sir! Jack
  11. forjack842

    6 Volt North East Key Coil

    Good morning, I been searching for information on the door lock cylinders used by Hudson for their 27, 28, 29 model year cars. I believe them to be B&S. I was wondering where you got the book you show in the pic. Was it a Don Stewart via Richard Chenovick, book B&S-01? Thanks Jack
  12. forjack842

    Help with 29 Sedan Front Seat Lower Frame

    Sorry, Updated
  13. All, 1929 Hudson Sedan Model R Finally got to the point of installing the front seat for real. The seat came floating when I got the car. Double hinge and adjuster were in the parts box. It appears that there is a riser piece that attaches to the dual hinge and to the seat bottom metal. I am missing this part. What would really help is a good picture of the this piece and maybe a few measurements so I can have one fab'd up. IF there's someone who might have a spare of this piece please consider parting with it for a fair price. Any and all help very welcome. Thanks Jack
  14. forjack842

    Pot metal carbs

    All, With the release of the new epoxies for gas tank sealing can this be used on the Marvel 10-725 bowl and bowl top to keep any further damage from occuring? I've got a 29 Hudson 10-725 in perfect condition so far (nothing broken and no cracks visible yet) before rebuild and would like to apply this epoxy after the initial cleanup cycle. Unfortunately the source of the repro bowls is no longer able to make them so that option is off the table. Ideas....Opinions please, THanks Jack