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  1. Hi Greg: I own 2 38 Plymouths, both 4dr sedans. One is a Roadking and the other is a Deluxe. I see in some of your earlier posts about dash items being different. The Roadking and the Deluxe have two completely different dashes. The speedo and the gauge pods have different part numbers and fit in the dash differently. The Deluxe is the one that has the three bars all the way across the dash. The Roadking does not. It would be nice to talk to you sometime, I'll PM you my phone number. Myron
  2. I have an old 1942 Motor Manual and it calls for a AC-45. Then I have a old Champion book and the cross-reference appears to be a J-8 Champion. I'm not sure if these are available anymore, but I've seen them at swap meets quite often. The Champion book also states that these are 14mm, 3/8" reach plugs. Good luck!
  3. This is for 1938 Plymouth Deluxe. The cheaper Roadking models used a 2 hole mount instead of this 3 hole mount. The mounting tabs are completely different also.
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