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  1. I've got a 36 Dodge D2 sedan that needs all of the lug nuts. Where do I find the right hand threaded ones? Thanks
  2. Hello, Now I have to tackle the back door top hinges. I've been looking for a few weeks with no solid information. I am trying to find info on the structure of the door where the hinges attach. This truck was in an accident (before I bought it). I know what I have to do to grind off those awful welds somebody did, but I am not familiar with the support structure. I would be grateful for some tips on what I'll find inside these doors when I open them up, and how to fix the structure. Hopefully pictures too. Thanks Quote
  3. Sorry 'bout that. I have a 38 Desoto engine. Manuals for 38 dodge truck and 38 Desoto. Thanks
  4. Are there any listings of the bolt sizes used on our flathead sixes? Oil pan bolts, motor mount bolts used on the front plate, etc. I looked in my manuals and just couldn't come up with an answer. When I bought my truck, everything was stripped and I have no examples to judge by. Thanks in advance. Fran
  5. Hi all, a friend gave me a timing chain and gears kit. How can I make sure they will fit my 1938 DeSoto 25" engine? Thanks Fran
  6. I am having trouble finding the dimensions of the "splash guard" between the frame and running board. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  7. I am rebuilding a '38 Dodge RC Humpback Panel truck. I really appreciate this presentation. Are there are any others that you have available on your build? Thank you for this effort.
  8. My wife wants to be able to drive the truck too. My plans were to put the original Desoto 25" engine back in with a T5 standard shift overdrive. BUT...….. now I have to think "automatic transmission". I've checked out Wilco and that would work, if....I didn't care about using a GMC trans. I recall, some years ago, of someone putting in a Slant 6 w/automatic tranny. I am not experienced as most of you so I could use some Pros & Cons in the suggestions. By the way, when we had a big Ford van for wheelchair transportation, somehow we went through 3 clutches in 4 years...………………………………..H
  9. Hi, I'm putting my tie rod structure together from my 38 Dodge RC humpback panel truck (1/2 ton). It was in an accident sometime during it's life and, It seems that the prior owners did some bending of the drag link too, probably for adjustment purposes. It seems quite flimsy though. It got me thinking about upgrading to a 3/4 tone linkage for a bit more stability. Has anyone here done this? Is it worth it? Would it be worth making it myself. I have access to a machine shop near by. I would appreciate some advice. Thank you. Fran
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