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  1. Does anyone know where I can get previous AACA magazines? Specifically I am looking for the Volume 81 January/February 2017 issue.
  2. Thank you for the info. Yes, I am a member of AACA and my vehicle is registered.
  3. I will be going to Hershey for the first time with a show car and have lots of questions, Where do I unload? Where do I park the trailer? I assume you drive the show vehicle into the show area, Where do I enter the show area? Where do I get my packet? Should I receive any information in the mail prior to the meet?
  4. I will be attending the National Spring Meet in New Jersey in May. This will be my first event. I have some questions about the classes. I have a 1933 D1 International pickup. I am considering registering in classes 19B (classic vehicles, specifically named, 1932-1933), 20B (production vehicles 1932-1933) and 22B (Commercial Vehicles, load capacity under 1 ton 1928-1942). Can anyone explain the advantages/disadvantages of these classes so I can decide which one to enter?
  5. Right now, I know I need a fuel pump, rear tail lights, ignition switch (which is located in the horn/light/ignition button in the center of the steering wheel), radiator cap, brake and clutch pedal pads, and possibly a gas tank. I would be willing to send you my email address so your friend could send pictures of any parts he may have for my truck to see if they are compatible with my vehicle. I don't know if parts from a C model are compatible with a D-1 model.
  6. My clutch is sticking to the floor. It doesn't stick until it is depressed all the way to the floor to shift. Could it be the throwout bearing? Does it even have a throwout bearing? I don't have any experience with this vehicle and I am trying to restore it. Anybody know where I can get parts for this vehicle? Any help/ideas would be appreciated.