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  1. What fluid should you put in a newly rebuilt Jetaway. I was told that the Dexron 1V will break down some internals. Too much info flying around now adays keeping everyone confused.
  2. Here is a good one--I live in Vegas I don't have a problem with vapor lock it is solved-- When the temp of the engine gets around 200 degrees or more 4th gear drops out. Let it sit for a few minutes and temp of engine drops 4th gear is fine until it the temp of the engine goes back up. Any Ideas??????
  3. Hi, Before tearing in to the steering wheel does any one have any experience working on the switch that is on a tilt telescopic wheel. The switch works but can't get it to cancel and center right. Always having to play with it every time I use it. Thanks Ed
  4. Thanks for the offer but I have already got one on the way. $15.00 Fair price but yours is much better. Save it for the next guy. ED
  5. Hi Paul, Thanks so much for the info. Don't know how us OLDS Guys would ever get our cars repaired without you. Checked Buick Farm and they only have 2 ea of these (slides-rollers) available. I will also hunt up a 66 fisher body manual. Again Thanks a lot ED
  6. Thanks GUY'S, I have the pedal ED
  7. Hey Paul, Thanks for your help but look closely at the pic of this roller. (dual purpose)The Toronado has 5 ea rollers in the front door. Two of them are Part # 9724575 they are available. 2 more are the standard riveted type.The other 2 I am looking for slide in a short channel that is mounted on the window frame. and also run up and down in the main channel. They are in there I believe to hold the window from moving in and out. It is a huge window. I did get 2 from Restoration Specialties but it took a 2 weeks for him to find them. He also told me he had no more and no part # for them. I mi
  8. Hi, I have checked several Buick and Chevy catalogs. I think these rollers are on the car because of the size of the glass. Are there any other vendors out there like Restoration Specialties. That have been around for awhile??? ED
  9. Hi, Someone knows where I can get a couple of these window rollers for my 1966 Toronado ED
  10. Thanks for all the help.Hope something pops soon. ED
  11. Hi, I am in dire need of an accelerator pedal for my 1966 Toronado. Any Ideas Part #s for same. Probably other front wheel cars will work(eldorado ).Haven't had much luck with junk yards. ED:(:(
  12. Hi, I always thought the hermeticly sealed compressor was the A5 as in this pic. The #'s on the other compressor in question 29 DC 374 Model # 5911120. The one in this pic cannot be repaired. Just the seal and the clutch. Oldsmobile used the later A5 (I am now guessing it is a later A5)from 1958 thru 1961.That is all I really know about the A5 in my car. Can the compressor in question be used in my car and still be considered correct ??? Ed
  13. Hi, I should know it's not for an Olds. Olds have a 2 groove pulley. This still is a GM compressor What year and what car????
  14. Hi, I have what I think is a pre 1958 A/C compressor. It is flanged on the back so I think it can be rebuilt. What I would really like to know is , do you call this compressor an A5 like you do for a 1958 thru 1961 sealed compressor or does it have a different designation. Any body wants it can have it for $30.00 plus shipping. Don't know if it pumps but the clutch works. Ed:confused::confused::confused:
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