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Jewett Tourer 23 - Detroit to Australia 100 years later


Jewett Tourer 23 - Detroit to Australia 100 years later
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A few pictures of my recently acquired (already restored) Jewett Tourer.


Acquired from the estate of George Eden.  It was clearly a pride and joy, although George had many veteran cars that he spent more time with.  It had spent time in a museum in Darling Harbour (near the Sydney Harbour Bridge).  It's unclear when exactly it arrived in Australia but is a Right Hand Drive so it was probably assembled here as a new vehicle.  I believe it was restored on the Central Coast of New South Wales (Gosford area) in the 1990's and was actually in reasonable condition prior to restoration. 


It is largely original except the colour scheme is not a Jewett standard and it has indicators and an apparently aftermarket wiper.


Now I'm learning about vintage cars!  Retirement will be easy they said ...

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Hi AussieRay, awesome looking vintage, congratulation. Is it my imagination or that radiator cap looks to be similar or if not the same as a Chrysler.

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