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Has anyone recolored by paint or dye their Reatta steering wheel.

my steering wheel is color worn and faded in spots but still intact and i would like to save it if possible.

looking for input on what anyone may have done with good or bad results

Thanks ahead of time


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I have not done this myself on a steering wheel  but I did use color matching spray dye on my gray leather seat.  A previous owner set a can on the passenger seat and created a rust ring that I could not remove.  The dye covered it very well and it has lasted 2 years now.

I did have a friend with a black leather steering wheel in his car.  It was faded so he used black shoe dye and followed that with black shoe polish.  Oh yeah, he used saddle soap to clean it first.  He buffed it with a soft cloth which worked great.  Nothing came off on his hands and as far as I know it has held up for several years.

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