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dale collins

41 Packard electro-magnetic clutch

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I have recently bought a 1941 Packard 120 have not run it for  any distance yet,because I am puzzled that the electro-clutch appears to be working,but there seems to be no vacuum controls  pipes or any other controls around the engine bay,only as far as I can tell,a single solenoid on the L/H side of the gearbox.The instruction info. mentions that there is a lock out switch or knob to resume normal clutch operation,but,where is it situated? My car has 3 pull-out switches light switch,instrument switch,and hand throttle,on the L/H side of the column, and a starter switch,ign. lock.and ign. lamp on the R/H side of the column,there is also a large ivory knob on the R/H side, below the dash,which I assume is for the over drive,[if fitted] I can not contact the previous owner to ask him as he passed away.I can not  understand how this clutch can function,as it appears to be doing without most of the controls missing but I will be happy if I can just figure out how to bring the clutch back into normal operation.,to complicate the issue,the previous owner changed all systems to 12 volt. If any one can help with advice,it would be appreciated. Dale Collins.

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