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Headlight switches '90-91 ( to 93 )

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For years I have had a rebuild service for the headlight switches and I have kept my price, I believe, fairly low at $ 75 exchange.  Recently I raised the price to $ 85 because I am very low on the little black knob on the end of the slider and nice appearing "lights" buttons.

These parts were also used on the '90-91 Reattas and the '90-93 Rivieras.


I would like to purchase if anyone has any extras, any '91 Reatta or '90-93 switches for these parts. They are the same.


I cannot pay too much for them as any money I invest in parts will have to be then applied to the rebuild price and as always I try and keep my parts prices low.


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Thank you.

Each time I pass through Des Moines I also stop at the u pick yard.

I will be traveling later this month to the Charlotte Auto Fair and plan on stopping at several along the way.


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