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  1. Engine has not sold. I'm not very familiar with this era stuff but figure that's got a reasonably fair asking price for something of this nature. Ok cool. Thanks for the info.
  2. hudsongt500

    Wanted: a 1932 Dodge DK8 transmission

    Know this may be a little late, but are you still looking?
  3. For sale is a 1931-32 Plymouth PA 4 Cylinder Silver Dome Flathead engine w/ bell housing and transmission. Includes only parts shown in pictures (engine w/ crank,rods, pistons, head, etc. and water pump, fan, oil pan, bell housing, transmission, etc.). Unfortunately no hardware (head nuts, transmission/bell housing bolts). Great for rebuilding or parts purposes. $1500. Phone is 205-478-5262 or feel free to email. Thanks.