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  1. I'm still hoping to locate a DK8 transmission......I was close to one in California, but the owner was moving out of state , no way to keep track of it and the sale was lost.
  2. I am looking for an 8 cylinder '32 Dodge Brothers transmission. Mine has been treated to a hard prior life, and a good replacement would help me keep my car going for a long time. There are no other transmissions that interchange and parts are scarce. I hope to find one with Free Wheeling to avoid driveshaft modifications, I've also placed an ad in the Dodge Brothers forum. Any leads would be appreciated. thanks for looking Larry Yirga yirga3566@gmail.com I'm in North Central Ohio (740 361-1838)
  3. Hollander also shows certain DL 6 transmissions in the same interchange group. I had an extra I traded away it may have not been from the right car serial number group. Some of the gears in the six trans are not as strong as the eights.
  4. I don't know. The Hollander 16th edition shows some possibility. Mine has freewheeling , the Hollander doesn't mention freewheeling. driveshaft length would be different without it. the DG 8 have all straight cut gears, Do you have access to a DG 8 transmission? larry yirga email yirga3566@gmail.com ph 740 361-1838
  5. I need to find a good 1932 DK-8 transmission. for my car. My current transmission has had a rough life in its past, and a replacement would go a long way in making my car what it really should be. I've seen a number of pictures of DK's that have been street rodded with modern power plants and transmissions Im hoping I can find one from the conversion that took place. Any leads would be appreciated. Larry Yirga email yirga3566@gmail.com
  6. I'm looking for an aluminum oil canister for my 32 Auburn. I got one from a fellow from Blairsville Georgia in 2007 at Hershey. It uses a Dodge Neon filter inside . the canister looks remarkably like the old throw away oil filters used in the early 30's, except it unscrews to accept the new type cartridges.. the canister was made from an aluminum billet and has fittings a top and bottom. about 5 inches tall, and round about 4 inches in diameter. anyone know who has these now? Larry Yirga yirga3566@gmail.com
  7. I've been told the original material like mine, is sailcloth, and it is beige. I don't know what might have been used to clean it in the past, but I suppose a foaming cleaner might make the most sense. I'd like to make it as clean as possible before adding any sealer and don't want any left over soapy or sticky residue from cleaning.
  8. I need to know how to repair some tears in a fabric covered top. The car is all original, I just want to keep it from getting worse and to waterproof it too. Do I use like a Thompsons waterseal? How do I clean the top? Larry
  9. I have recently bought a 1932 Auburn 8-100A sedan and am concerned about how to care for the fabric roof. I don't intend to get it wet, but there are some small to medium separations of fabric and some bare spots showing. How can I patch the roof material,and how do I seal it? How do I clean it? I would appreciate any suggestions from other owners. I am an ACD member 2966, and member of the ACD museum. Larry Yirga
  10. Is there a brake shop in ohio that relines brake shoes? My DK 8 Dodge has 13 inch drums and the shoes I have are too thick. I need a place that can take 1/16th off the lining on the shoes I have or else replace the lining with new lining of the correct thickness. Larry Yirga
  11. I no longer need a Chrysler CI transmission. A fellow AACA and Dodge Brothers member provided me with a correct countershaft gear from a Dodge DG 8. Thanks to all that looked at my request for help. Larry Yirga
  12. The countershaft from Scott arrived today correct helix and all!! My search has ended! I owe a big thanks to him for stepping up and letting me know about it. Thanks to all you other guys as well! Larry
  13. Wow, it looks great Scott!! Do you see this thing, Taylormade? This is what we expected to find inside that DL trans. when you were here. I'm grateful for you showing me how to take one apart. You said putting it back together will be just the reverse, right??? I will give it a good home Scott. It looks like your packaging is real professional. I'll let you know when it arrives. I thought I might be banned from this forum for accidentally deleting all the posts for this project. Luckily I had printed out most if not all of them for future reference. Thanks to all you guys who passed out advice and tried to help. Larry
  14. OH BROTHER, I think I just erased all the requests from me and all the replies by accident!! This is Larry Yirga and I need to have Scott DG8 call me on my cell phone. MY cell number is (740) 361-1838) I really would like to have that countershaft. Today was a crazy day and I missed the earlier call from you at around 2 or 3 pm,on our landline phone but when I tried calling the number you left on our answering machine It rang busy from 5pm on until I quit calling at 9:30 pm. I will have the cell phone with me all day tomorrow, let's try this again. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow .from 8am until maybe 9 or 10am. You can leave a message there and that cell phone will capture your phone number and message. You can also give me your email address by phone or here on the forum. I need to know your price and your mailing address. my email is yirgaman@netzero.net and I do not have a smart phone nor can I text. ' The picture you sent of the countershaft was a really big surprise! Thanks for your patience. Larry Yirga
  15. My 32 Dodge DK8 has a broken transmission. by digging through master parts lists for Dodge and Chrysler I discovered one of the 3 possible transmissions used in the CI6 carries the very same part number as my DK8 Dodge. Does anyone have a spare CI6 transmission to sell or to look at ? Larry
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