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  1. Model R rear wheel bearings

    Thanks Lump that would be appreciated. I have the old ones pulled and have been shopping around the local suppliers with no luck. It has been suggested that I could get the old ones resurfaced but if it came to that I would probably get completely new ones made and case hardened. Cheers Steve
  2. Model R rear wheel bearings

    Hi all. I am on the hunt for the inner race for rear wheel bearings to suit 1923/4/Model R. Hupmobile part number 49120 "rear wheel bearing inner race - wheel end". Does anyone know where I can obtain some of these? Does anyone have the bearing manufacturers part numbers? I am restoring a rear end that has been out in the open for a number of years and these are all I need to complete the job. The completed unit will go into storage as a spare part for one of the running cars I have should it ever be needed. Thanks Steve