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  1. Verlie

    Dave thanks, The fluid level is fine; topped it off. Will check the clutch plate first. TX, Rick
  2. Verlie

    50 De Soto Tip-toe fluid transmission. I have some slippage in the fluid drive. I want to check the clutch pressure springs but do not have gauge C-647. Actually I do not want a gauge, what I need is the dimension from the torque wrench attachment point to the center of the spring. I can make something up if I have that dimension. Secondly, if the springs are weak do you know where I can buy new ones? Thanks in advance
  3. verlie

    Thanks Rusty; this is just what I needed. Rick
  4. verlie

    Does anyone know the correct wiring diagram for a 1950 de soto custom (S-14). The manual I got with the car shows an S-13; it shows a brown wire running from the starter solenoid to the "A" terminal, and ground, on the voltage regulator. And then on to the Armature of the generator?????
  5. Removal of Horn Ring - 1950 desoto

  6. There is a plastic plug that you pull out with needle nose pliers where the hole is.