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  1. Thanks Ron, I've been struggling with the timing as it starts so easily. appreciate the advice. Mike
  2. Thanks Bob, I'll have a look this weekend.
  3. A frustrating day. The speedometer MPH roll was working fine but now jumps around from 20 to 60 MPH. I took out the cable from the gearbox to the speedo, checked it turns fine then added a few drops of light oil at the gear box end, re fastened both ends, still the same issue. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike
  4. Hello all, hoping someone can suggest what's wrong here please. Took the 23 for a run to get a tank of fuel today and it started and idled fine but when i went to accelerate there was no power on the slight rise up to the fuel station. There was plenty of fuel, it was a nice mild day, it wasn't coughing or spluttering. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
  5. This is our Australian built 54 Chev 1420 that we've had since new. The engine is seized but my brother in law and I are making a start on getting it running. Thought you might like to see it as it came out of the shed.