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  1. A tougher challenge for you... trim identify

    I looked at the set on eBay and the eBay trim has the same part number as mine (and profile). I believe we now have the mystery positively solved! Thank you for everyone's input and photos!! Happy New Year! Brian
  2. A tougher challenge for you... trim identify

    This morning looking on ebay, I ran across this car for sale and now have identified this trim. Rear quarter Pontiac Firebird (1967-68). I sort of remember now from back when I bought it. BTW, I do not know who's car this is...just stumbled found it looking possible projects. Thanks for everyone who posted their input! Happy New Year!
  3. A tougher challenge for you... trim identify

    You can see the painted portion must have fit over an indent or louver type shape. 2nd picture shows it best. Maybe interior trim?
  4. A tougher challenge for you... trim identify

    I think you are both on the right track, but these are much smaller than the guesses. I should have stated they measure 4 7/8" long and the chrome portion is only a 1/4" wide. I was also thinking along the lines of tail light trim? Some similar to the '66 GTO. These are not GTO, though. Thanks for the input so far!
  5. 1920s gauge cluster, what is it?

    Late 20's Marmon?
  6. Need some more help identifying

    Keiser31, it looks like your friend has fun with his car! Thank You, for the update dictator27. I can't believe in my searching, I never thought about a Studebaker. having one myself (a later model).
  7. I think this might be a tougher challenge for you, but with the knowledge on here... probably not! I typed in the number on the back (403095) and the only results I came up with is a guy on eBay selling two of these. He says Oldsmobile Cutlass but does not know the exact application. I used that as a search, but found no results. They almost look like "hood louver" vent trim or some sort of lower vent fender trim? Any ideas? Thanks again for your assistance. I bought these over 20 years ago, and now don't remember what they were for.
  8. Need some more help identifying

    Wow, that was fast! Thank you so much. I love the one in the pictures.
  9. Need some more help identifying

    Recently, I posted a picture of my Grandpa with one of his old cars and needed help identifying it. Several of you came through for me and identified the car. Now, I need some more help with one of my Grandmother. I can't seem to find it online anywhere. The knowledge here on the forum is fantastic as are the members! I am so glad I joined. Thanks in advance for any help provided.
  10. Need help identifying Grandpa's car

    What a beautiful car!
  11. Need help identifying Grandpa's car

    I just love it! Hope to find one one day to restore. Makes you wonder how many could possibly be left. Thanks for all the input!
  12. Appears to be for '57 Pontiac Star Chief fender ornament.
  13. Need help identifying Grandpa's car

    Great info. Thanks!
  14. Need help identifying Grandpa's car

    Thanks so much! I am really glad I found this site. Looking through everything it appears to be a vast wealth of knowledge here!
  15. Need help identifying Grandpa's car

    Do you know what the PE stands for?