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  1. How about this? https://ljrc1.com/item/1214954-15w-40-extreme-racing-synthetic-blend?category=61330
  2. Can someone make a sticky thread on what oils are recommended (IE: motor, transmission and rear end)? Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, I am excited to be finally posting on this site! A little background about myself, I have been into cars my entire life and I have always been into racing and building high HP cars but after building several Cobras and Lightnings I picked up an extremely low mile 04 Cobra (11,400) and I got into the cruising/car show scene. Now I'm hooked and I want to build a custom classic. My Grandpa always owned mid 60s Buicks and my dad's first car was a 63 Riviera and after always seeing how unique these cars are compared to all the other cars you see at the shows I knew the Riviera was the one. I had been keeping my eye on a Craigslist add for a little bit and finally decided to go check it out. It was for a 1963 Riviera with a 401 and 81k on the clock and another 63 parts car with full interior/ tirm and a spare 401. The car looked pretty clean besides a few small rust spots, the owner said it was a posi car so I took a gamble and snagged it up. I for sure want to keep the nailhead but I am going to be building it so any good websites for performance parts/builders would be appreciated. From what I can tell from the body plate the car was Built in Dec #11,834 Blk/Blk Interior Per seats Arctic White Can anyone help me figure out the other letters? Thank you