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  1. Hey guys I have a quick question regarding headers and the steering box. I was looking at the TA performance site and this is under the 401 headers.... Please Note: Nailhead Shorty Headers DO NOT fit cars that have the steering box on the Outside of the frame. I am still in Iraq and can't personally look at my 63, will these work on my 63? Thanks for any info.
  2. Where at in Kansas was this? I'm just south of KC.
  3. How about this? https://ljrc1.com/item/1214954-15w-40-extreme-racing-synthetic-blend?category=61330
  4. Can someone make a sticky thread on what oils are recommended (IE: motor, transmission and rear end)? Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I am excited to be finally posting on this site! A little background about myself, I have been into cars my entire life and I have always been into racing and building high HP cars but after building several Cobras and Lightnings I picked up an extremely low mile 04 Cobra (11,400) and I got into the cruising/car show scene. Now I'm hooked and I want to build a custom classic. My Grandpa always owned mid 60s Buicks and my dad's first car was a 63 Riviera and after always seeing how unique these cars are compared to all the other cars you see at the shows I knew the Riviera was the one. I had been keeping my eye on a Craigslist add for a little bit and finally decided to go check it out. It was for a 1963 Riviera with a 401 and 81k on the clock and another 63 parts car with full interior/ tirm and a spare 401. The car looked pretty clean besides a few small rust spots, the owner said it was a posi car so I took a gamble and snagged it up. I for sure want to keep the nailhead but I am going to be building it so any good websites for performance parts/builders would be appreciated. From what I can tell from the body plate the car was Built in Dec #11,834 Blk/Blk Interior Per seats Arctic White Can anyone help me figure out the other letters? Thank you