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  1. dlcoop

    Parts yard

    The wildcat emblems for my 64. Mount on the roof sides.
  2. dlcoop

    Parts yard

    I do not know if this is allowed here, but here goes. This is a rant on a wrecking yard. I had the misfortune of dealing with a place called Billions & Trillions in Oklahoma. After calling and ordering a hard to find part, I waited for 2 weeks for delivery. When I called about my order I was informed that the studs broke off upon removal and that they were sent in for repair. Was told it would take about 2 weeks. I called today to check and now was informed that they were never sent in for repair. I was also informed that my money was refunded 3 weeks ago. (that is O.K. by me) My rant is there was never a return call to inform me. I am just wondering if they are in business to sell parts what ever happened to customer service. The person was very rude and obnoxious. Makes me wonder how they even stay in business. Now I will have to spend more time researching for the part I need. I found the part from someone else, but was priced way out of affordability. That's my rant and I'm sticking to it
  3. dlcoop

    bucket seTS

    I asked this question before, but cannot find the results. I have a 64 wildcat sport coupe with buckets. I am looking for complete interior kit. I think the seats from a Riviera are the same, but a different pattern. Also think all 62-64 GM buckets are the same. (different base mounting). I am just doing a driver and don't care so much about the pattern. Any help (again) is appreciated.
  4. dlcoop

    vibration dampener

    When putting my engine back together I noticed that my vibration dampener keyway is 7/16 vs the key on the crankshaft is 1/4. Seems to me I may have the wrong dampener. I am afraid it will slip even after being torqued down and cause a timing problem My car is a 64 but my engine is a 66 Thanks
  5. dlcoop

    oil pressure update

    For those who may be interested, I have installed the correct plugs in the oil passages. (not to far in) (flush with the block).. I now have oil pressure at the heads and the rockers. Engine is completed and back in the car. Again, many thanks to all with comments and troubleshooting. Could not have done it without your help. And again, thanks to Russ Martin at Centerville for his much needed help. P.S. This whole fiasco was caused by me and not paying attention. The shop I took the engine to did exactly what I asked to be done. Wasn't their fault. Just me.
  6. dlcoop

    oil pressure again

    For all to know. I used a good quality awl and punched a hole in the plugs. Installed a dent puller and they all came out. Talked to Russ MArtin at Centerville this a.m. Just want to say Kudos about Russ. He took the time to give the instructions on the correct installation procedures . Also know that the cam bearings are installed correctly. I expect the new plugs on Friday so I will let everyone know how it goes. Also just want to say many thanks to all for the help. Dennis
  7. dlcoop

    oil pressure again

    Have talked to Russ at Centerville this a.m. I installed the plugs all the way to the stops. WRONG. Only install them flush with the block. I will reorder plugs and install them flush as they should be, This old age is getting the better of me.
  8. dlcoop

    oil pressure again

    That's what I am thinking. Now I just have to figure out how to remove the plug without leaving metal in the oil gallery. I have an electric stud gun for pulling dents. I may try to weld a stud on it and pulling it out that way.
  9. dlcoop

    oil pressure again

    Have both rockers off. Still nothing. Pulled camshaft back out. Front bearing is in correctly. I can put a scribe through the holes. However what I did find is when checking the bottom hole in the bearing that my scribe goes all the way through in front of the main gallery plug.. I have the plug up against the stop but maybe it should be flush. I don't really know. I can also see the bottom hole in the gallery. The plug is covering about half of the bottom hole.
  10. dlcoop

    oil pressure again

    I finally found the empty hole for a plug. (back of the lifter gallery. (left side facing the engine.) Installed the plug. Still no oil to the rockers. I do have the timing cover off, but cannot see where that would make a difference.
  11. dlcoop

    oil pressure again

    SO I have replace the oil pump. Installed the plugs in the front galleys down to the stepped area. I now have approx. 40 psi oil pressure. This is great. But still nothing up to the heads. There are 4 plugs at the rear of the engine behind the flywheel. One for the camshaft, one for the main oil gallery, one inspection plug, and one for a lifter gallery. Russ Martin at Centerville says there is one on the inside hidden by the distributor shaft but I cannot seem to find it. I think that could be why I cannot get oil to the rockers. Again oil pressure is now in specs. This engine is a 66 425. Not the original for my 64 wildcat.
  12. dlcoop

    Another nailhead question

    I just had the block hot tanked. My fault for not checking the plugs. I also installed new rockers and shafts. I know there is an over size bolt hole on the front of the rocker and I hope I have it right. If not will just keep changing until I have it right. They all seem to be the same diameter. Will order new plugs on Monday.
  13. dlcoop

    Another nailhead question

    In looking at the holes closely, They do have a step in them. Meaning they are not the same diameter all the way through.
  14. Alright everyone. I started a new topic so I don't get confused with my old ones. I pulled the timing cover off this a/m and here is what I found. There are three holes in the front that look like they require a plug so the engine will oil pressurize. My question does it take all three or just 2. Front cam bearing seems to be in the right place. (main oil hole on the left side looking at it. ) Am including a pic so that will help. Many thanks to all who have contributed. COuld not have solved the problem without the help.
  15. dlcoop

    picture needed (64 with A/C)

    It is a 425. There are four plugs on the back of the engine behind the flywheel. One I can see from the inside of the engine. It appears to be an access of some kind. There is one large one behind the camshaft. Two very small ones for the oil galleries. I am told (as I understand it) that there may be another one inside also hidden by the distributor but have not been able to find it. I have used a mirror etc but no luck. I am going to pull the timing cover off today to inspect nd removed the cam again just to make sure the front bearing is lined up correctly. Thanks for the input. Dennis