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  1. metzman

  2. metzman

    Hi Dave, threads are on outside of the cap, inside radiator neck. My surround and tanks seem ok ,but I need a new core. Sounds like you have some work ahead of you. All's fun. Rick
  3. metzman

    hey 69bird yes, I am looking for someone to rebuild my radiator, for a fine threaded Metz hubcap ,for a radiator cap and probably more. Need to have someone teach me how to tighten the wooden spokes in the wheels also. Would like to go to the show but I take care of my wife, Alzheimers and stroke. We live in Hastings Mi. Rick
  4. Who Owns A Metz?

    hey luv2wrench, been trying to e-mail you but my computer says failure every time I try. I'm pretty sure I wrote your address down correctly but I've been wrong before. Could you please put it in again for me? thank-you Rick
  5. Who Owns A Metz?

    doing some looking around I found some advertising and now i'm not sure about the year of my car. some of the paperwork says it may be a 1911. Can't find any ID tags anywhere on the car. hey Lovetowrench, i'm still looking for tour message to me about muffler parts. I am REALLY bad on the computer.
  6. Metz Model 22 Muffler

    I would like to buy a set of end caps but don't have a clue how to go about it. Not so good with these things.
  7. Metz Model 22 Muffler

    Thanks guys, this is gonna be a good thing.
  8. Metz Model 22 Muffler

    I hope you see this love2wrench, not real savvy on how to work the forum. I'd like to see the complete exhaust but I need a muffler, radiator cap or specs so I could get one built, someone to rebuild the radiator, and possibly someone to instruct me on wooden spoke tightening. To get me going. 😁
  9. Who Owns A Metz?

    I am soon to own a 1915 model 22, at least I think that's correct. I'm going to be looking for help and parts , so I thought this would be a good place to start. I'm antsy to get started.
  10. Radiator

    thanks phil, i'll do a bit more looking
  11. Radiator

    Hi guys; my radiator is rotted out and i have no cap for it. tried fitting an old crossflow behind it but it's not enough to cool the engine. are these radiators rebuildable or available? also am I correct in thinking this system is a pressurized system? thanks guys yr. is somewhere between 13 & 15 metzman
  12. magneto

    michigan U.S.A.
  13. magneto

    I have about a 1915 metz that the magneto went bad on. does anyone rework these parts? I appreciate any help. Thanks.