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  1. Radiator Emblems

    The Shears site is a great resource!
  2. Radiator Emblems

    I actually have both of those posters!
  3. 1964 works for me. Hard to know if it is some other kind of encoding, or a date. I would estimate by the script/font, that it is just about right - 1964.
  4. agreed, always thought it was an "ok" brand effort. I suppose Chevy didn't want to make it sound too good, or nobody would want to buy a new car (at least in their minds)
  5. I have about 75 of these unused OK Used Car warranty contracts, 40 of the unused warranty cards, and about 5 unused coupon books. I think these are from the 1960s, but not sure. Anyone else want to venture a guess about the date?
  6. Does selling on eBay give you heartburn? ;)

    yes, ebay is heartburn inducing. gotta go with the flow.
  7. I have about 35 of these dealer records in their original boxes, some never opened, from the 1950s-60s. They were originally sent to dealers to train, and sometimes so to prospective buyers I believe. They contain literature, sometimes records, and sometimes slide film. The film has deteriorated a bit, and I wish it hadn't because the images are amazing from what I can tell. A lot of the records are warped, but some are near pristine, and they have Chevrolet on the label, produced by the Chevrolet ad firm. Here is a quick snippet of one of the records. Very cool.
  8. Very cool! I have a couple of these myself, but not as old as yours.
  9. From my personal collection, all new old stock. Only a fraction of my overall collection, but had some fun arranging these for a pic. Not for sale. Would love to see your pics of similar items in this thread.
  10. are there any dealer markings on it? what other advertising pieces did you get? interesting
  11. $500 - Complete Engine From 1935 Chevrolet- 34k miles

    The whole thing - I agree. The man who previously owned it is a former GM man, and his collection of vintage parts is as good as Ive ever seen, as well as his cars and taste. He kept good stuff. My understanding is that it is a drop in. This is not junk. I may keep it, probably will. Thank you
  12. $500 - Complete Engine From 1935 Chevrolet- 34k miles

    price dropped to $450 obo