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  1. mhuppertz

    Poor Reatta lost its mind

    Well, the new temp sensor lasted one day. Now my poor car has list its mind, flashing that it is too hot and cutting the A/C, then electrical problems, then sticking at a reading of 118, then low oil (it's not low, and I replaced the sensor last fall), and one and on. Codes: E014 E022 B122 B123 B482 B446 B450 I replaced the TPS and had it set to .4v, replaced the coil pack and controller... battery cables are nice and tight (and clean). This is hard because it's my daily driver. Thoughts? Thanks, Mark
  2. mhuppertz

    Temp Sensor Location

    Thank you 2seater. Just changed it out and so far it seems better, but I won't know until I drive around in Albuquerque in the heat of the day. First impression is the new sensor is reading 15 degrees cooler.
  3. mhuppertz

    Temp Sensor Location

    Sorry, 1989 Reatta. I read the post referenced above but it didn't shed any light on the situation.
  4. mhuppertz

    Temp Sensor Location

    My temps keep reporting overheat even though the car isn't overheating. Bought a new sensor, can't find the old one on the engine! Yes, I do need a service manual...
  5. mhuppertz

    Finally Done: Series III and F40 Six Speed Swap

    Any updates Daniel? How does it pull? Any clue on 0-60 or 1/4 mile times?
  6. mhuppertz

    Spark Angle a big fat zero on the freeway

    The coolant temp in the gauges section reads normal to high, but the coolant temp in the diags reads very low, like 110. Is there a separate temp sensor for the ECU?
  7. mhuppertz

    Anyone have a drivers rear reflector strip for sale?

    This is the one I need.
  8. The one that runs the length of the tail light is what I need. I had to glue mine together but it looks like crap. Can someone help a brother out?
  9. AZVET suggested that I check my knock sensor count for the stumbling issue, it says 9999, and I just checked live data while going down the freeway and found the spark angle fluctuating all over then it just went to 0 and stayed there until I parked and revved it in neutral. I guess if I can find the knock sensor count it will tell me something, but if not is it probably the knock sensor? O2 sensor? I have a new one of each to install just in case...
  10. mhuppertz

    TPS update, still stumbling just before upshift

    No, wasn't aware of that setting.
  11. I replaced the TPS, turned the key to "run", put the CRT into output mode for the TPS, then adjusted it until I got the at rest idle voltage into range (.38). Reconnected the radiator hose and vent tube, topped off the radiator and took it out. All the little driveability quirks are gone, except the hyper annoying engine stumble just before upshift under moderate to high throttle angle. I have been reading posts in the board to get a clue about what the issue might be, I had replaced the ICM because the old one died, starting to wonder if I need to replace it again as a hail Mary. To the contrary of some of the posts, I could swear this car has torque management just before upshift and that is the issue... This car is my daily driver right now, so I really need to get this issue sorted because it is frustrating and worrisome!!!
  12. I was looking through the instructions that came with the new TPS and it says you have to remove the throttle body. Looks like I can probably get to the screws without removing it, but was looking for advice on the procedure. Anyone done this? Also, is it necessary to go through the adjustment process with the jumper wires and stuff??? Thanks! Mark
  13. mhuppertz

    Engine cuts out just before upshift

    I pulled the MAF connector and it did the same thing. Could it be a marginal O2 sensor?