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Antique Datsun

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I suppose everyone thinks there was never any such thing as an antique Japanese car. Wrong.

Herewith a transcription of a For Sale ad in April 1962 newsletter of the Vintage Driver's Club in Melbourne.

DATSUN 1927 tourer. Very good condition.

Diff. has committed hari-kari, and removed

rear upholstery. This car is a copy of

Austin 7. Enquiries in writing. 25pounds

Ian Smith was advertising this on behalf of the owner. About 10 years ago I asked him what became of it, because Ian always knew everything relevant about anything old and odd; but he could not tell me then, and will remeber no more now.

Ivan Saxton

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The car you refer to was not a Datsun, but rather a DAT. The first use of the name was Datson was 1930. By 1933 Nissan had taken over and the name was changed again to Datsun.

Many people today are still confused as to why the name changed from Datsun to Nissan, but if you open the door and look at the vin# of any Datsun you will find the words Nissan. Just like today if you open the door of any Chevy you will see the words GM. If you open the door of any Infiniti you will see Nissan on the data plate. If you were working in the U.S.A. from 1958-to mid 80's at corp. headquarters, all the signs on the buildings said Datsun but everything internal was always Nissan.


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dat so


Nein nein nein, we say it like "ah so desu ka" or for short "ah so"


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