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Engine removal

Guest PWN

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Guest imported_PWN

Hello all. Hope all is well. Time to get the Chandler running!

I have finally found a place in Florida that will redo all the babbitt bearings for me. How hard is it to remove an engine and does the transmission have to come out as well?

The engine has low miles (<10,000 original) but the babbitts are old, brittle and cracking. Should I do anything else at the same time like valves, etc. I have not run the engine enough to know how everything was working. Just the loud bearing knock that prompted the bearing rebuild.

Take care,


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Guest Silverghost

Peter: Since you are going this far...Why not check out all the valves & guides ( at the very least De-carbon & lap them in), timing gears, pistons wrist pins etc...? How are the cam bearings? Rod bearings...?(after all thse are most likely bad also...

Taking the engine out and apart is 3/4 of the job...Why not do a total re-build ?

At the very least check all engine internals.

After this the engine should last for many years... How is the clutch??? Might as well check it out also.

Good Luck!

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