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'88 in Memphis-going..going...


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After owning my red '88 for three years ( its been fun ) I'm selling. Best offer is<BR>$2600. the car engine and drive train is great. paint is great except for clear coat separation on one fender & roof. 16 way seat w/ sunroof, but sunroof never has worked for me. headliner needs work. cassett doesn't work or antenna retract. but whats prompting the sale is the screen....it comes on for a few weeks then goes out for a few weeks. we've spent money to fix but can't find problem. Its ( the screen ) always working, if you know where to push, but just doesn't light up. 89,000 miles w/ new computor module, brake job, wiring harness& plugs.<BR>probably last entry this site. you guys have been fun and saved me money on repairs with your tips. I'll spread the word to new owners. plastan@aol.com

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