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Brake Hydraulic Pump Failure- Test yours?

Guest wally888

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Guest wally888

A recent brake failure was evidently caused by a Pump failure.<BR> The owner reported, after disassembly of the Pump, that one of the Brushes was worn down to it's shield and some melted plastic. The other Brush exhibited normal wear.<BR> I performed a very unscientific test on both my cars : ( Neither had been used for 24 hours)(outside temp. was 75*)<BR> 1. I raised the hood and felt the Pump to estimate temp. Felt cool.<BR> 2. I turned on the key and let Pump run until it stopped.<BR> 3. W/ key off, I pumped the pedal until it was hard. I repeated steps 2. and 3.<BR> 4. I again felt pump after it had run 3 complete cycles. There was no detectable change in temp.<BR> Perhaps the failed pump had been overheating for some time? Does yours overheat?<P>------------------<BR> <A HREF="http://www.reatta.net" TARGET=_blank>www.reatta.net</A> has supplemental info re.88, 89 and 90 Reatta Brakes.<BR>Please inform me of any new info, info needing editing or errors. A work in progress.<p>[This message has been edited by wally888 (edited 02-26-2001).]

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