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Possible reason for Recent crash and wheel lock

Guest wally888

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Guest wally888

I will not bet my professional reputa tion on this! But<BR> It appears, looking at the colored diagram, in brakes, Tom J's site<BR> The culprit causing a temporary locking of a front wheel<BR>and probably the cause of Dan's wreck is<BR> "MAIN VALVE"(page 5E1-4) (replaceable seperately, I think!) Barney-??-& part number)<BR> Reading the manual while looking at the diagram Mode is antilock engaged,main valve has moved from it's normal position (closed)<BR>to open. This causes fluid under pressure to be routed to the back side of the master cylinder, keeps pedal "UP" and hard.<BR> There is a lot more to be determined about this as:<BR> The EBCM sends signals to main valve<BR> Is it replaceable<BR> Can you access a wire or plug to it to clean<BR> Would that make any difference(evidently it needs a signal, voltage, to open) (if during antilock normally,if it did not get a signal, then pedal would stay soft and you would send more pressure than needed to front brakes)<BR> BTW For those trying to follow(lead? please critique!)), the front brakes kinda operate independently of the rear-Rear share one line-if one rear locks, is kinda like both locked BUT front are seperate from rear and seperate from each other!One can lock w/o both locking.<BR> So, If there is a plug-clean it<BR> If the main valve is replacable-do it<BR> (wait till smoke has cleared and we can agree!)<P>Someone needs to try bleeding, actually replacing all fluid(flushing) by using the on board pump-this may not work but I think by opening both rear bleeds at the same time will work and should work for fronts, no problem.<BR> Lets keep this dialog open and try to finalize this problem

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