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spit spat sputter (update)


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well i have finally did it, but not without everyones help.<BR>i checked and re-checked everything everyone advised me to do. finally someone sent me e-mail (i can,t remember who because i had a crash on the computer and lost the address), and i used a vacume gauge to adjust the needle valves on the carb and set the timing with the vacume gauge. i just adjusted them all untill i got the best vacume reading i could and the problem went away, in fact the old gal runs so good now that when i get on her and shift to drive manually from low she will chirp the tires. not bad for a 5800 lb tank. there is no hesitation and no sputtering when i take off from a dead stop now. so the post and e-mail someone sent me (again lost due to the crash) an extra big thanks to you because the book page you sent me was right...you can not set a rebuilt or used rochester to factory specs and expect it to run well.<BR>again thats to all.<BR>camman.8<BR>58 buick century 66r

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