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*Snif* Repair estimates?


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I got hit about an hour ago... right front door panel is all mashed up, and the right front wheel is definitely in bad shape. Probably some broken lugs, too.<P>Anybody have a guess at repair costs?<P> frown.gif" border="0frown.gif" border="0frown.gif" border="0frown.gif" border="0frown.gif" border="0 <P>Hold me... *snif*<P>BTW, it's an '88 P.Ave.<p>[ 02-28-2002: Message edited by: LaserBeams ]

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I didn't get the other driver's info, but we went and got a police, so everything's taken care of. There were lots of witnesses, but it was clearly her fault and she admitted it.<P>So... Yeah. I'm fine though.

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