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Fleetwood Cadillac AUDIO PROBLEM!


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Ok this is the deal.. I love everyone that can help me out. I dont want to get screwed by people so I need to know some info..

What do you know about a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Brogham 4 or whatever its spelled as?

Well I want to exchange out my tape deck for a new cd player.. But an audio place said that this is the only year model that doesn't allow you to change out the whole cd player cause the radio tuner is in the back of the car (which is burnt out and I might need to get a new one) I need to know......

My Radio tuner is burnt out (its mounted in the trunk on the rear axle area and the antenna is plugged into it. Well it dont work.. but the tape player does..

And some people said noone makes a wireing harness or mounting kit for that model car that i have.

So the people said they were gonna charge 130 just labor to fabricate those peices. not to mention the price to install the cd player and hook up the wires. which im sure if i knew a little more i could do it all myself...

The actual questions i have..

Does anyone know a good way I can install something to be able to listen to CD's or mainly MP3 CD's in my car by installing a new radio and also being able to get my radio working again?

Please someone help me out. I gave alot of information but if anyone needs more just let me know!

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